The tipping point for NodeJS

The prime reason to use PHP is the prime reason to leave it

People have argued in the past that PHPs badness is it’s advantage. And it’s true. The speed at which non-programmers can put out functional and even notably use- and successfull websites is staggering. An absolute absence of arrogance in the community and the silly utter wackyness of the language keeps everyone focused on solving the problem and not building an architecture that one can get high over but never gets finished. Paul Graham calls this the Blub Paradox, and explains the advantage C has over Lisp due to the weaknesses C has vis-a-vis Lisp, and not its power. The tipping point for NodeJS weiterlesen

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Remove „Private:“ from the titles of private WordPress pages

# add to functions.php of your theme
function the_title_trim($title) {
  $title = attribute_escape($title);
  $findthese = array( '#Protected:#', '#Private:#' );
  $replacewith = array( '', // What to replace "Protected:" with '' //What to replace "Private:" with );
  $title = preg_replace($findthese, $replacewith, $title);

  return $title;
add_filter('the_title', 'the_title_trim');