The Essence of Agility

Agile, Agile, Certified Scrum, … BULLSHIT!“ – that was the initial title of this post. Good for a splash and effect, but a tad negative, I admit.  So I’ve taken the liberty to update the title to a more positive and meaningful one. Same with the permalink. The rest remains the same. – PR, 2.6.2019

The Agile and Scrum Craze has gotten out of hand. Buzzword driven project managment, bad project/method fits and a few other things are taxing my and many other peoples nerves when we bump into someone looking for a „Certified Scrum Master“ or tell us that their 8000 employee corporation is now migrating to „Agile“ and „Scrum“. Or when some webshop thinks „Agile“ is some nown, and a nown that’s nothing other for a fancy words disguising total chaos and labeling it planned. The Essence of Agility weiterlesen

Yii Framework

Yii is one of the lesser known PHP Frameworks, but it has been around for quite some time and is notably popular with professional developers who hate faffing about when building web applications. It’s a sort-of secret tip and go-to toolkit for those who hate the shoddy and sub-par data- and application models of WordPress, Drupal and the likes. It is also the foundation of the professional Craft CMS. Yii Framework weiterlesen

The JAMStack Approach

Tearing ties between frontend and backend apart, going headless or at least ‚headlose‘, brazenly moving dynamic logic to the client and decoupling as much as possible into disparate microservices. This probably is the way to go forward in the 2020ies for web content. One degraded WordPress project to many has me seriously looking into this sort of thing now. The JAMStack Approach weiterlesen

Professionelle Webentwicklung und Frickelbuden

Als erfahrener Websoftware­­entwickler werde ich immer wieder mit mitunter seltsamen Anforderungen und Anfragen konfrontiert. Oft ergibt sich hier bei einem Sondierungs­gespräch die Frage, was ich denn mit „Professioneller Webentwicklung“ meine. Hier dazu eine Erklärung: Professionelle Webentwicklung und Frickelbuden weiterlesen