While true Web Components are on the rise and the Google Polymer Project has ended its lifecycle and web component efforts are now continued with the super-light lit library, classic VDOM and PWA toolkits are still in wide use. The big three – React, Angular and Vue – have contenders, some of which have gained wider attention and have their own solid set of fans and hipster advocates. One of these libraries is Svelte, a build-time PWA library and toolkit with quite a large set of non-trivial libraries built for and on top of it.

Like Angular, Svelte avoids the VDOM approach and supports that neat data-binding thing, but generates small, compact and minified JS bundles at build time, ditching a client-side rendering stack all together. The Svelte approach has gained a notable amount of fans and has been in non-trivial productive use in quite a few projects and is widely regarded as the “runner up” to the “big three”. Definitely worth a look. Here’s one interesting Material Design UI Library Project for Svelte. Good stuff.

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