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  • State of the Word 2023

    State of the Word 2023

    Matt and his crew together with the Spanish WordPress community just held the annual State of the Word keynote in Madrid. Interesting stuff, including a Gutenberg editor that’s growing more and more powerful.

  • Hipster Compliant VDOM

    Hipster Compliant VDOM

    VueJS is the third of The Big Three™ SPA/VDOM Toolkits and it enjoys an ever growing following. Sort of a mix of the best of React and Angular, it has a distinct “ISO-certified hipster compliant” vibe about it and doesn’t fail to deliver on its “View!” promise.

  • Lit & Kor

    Lit & Kor

    As an application platform the modern Browser is finally becoming more managable. MS IE and even the new one, MS Edge, are history, most Browsers are now based off the Blink Rendering Engine, meaning Chrome, with Safari and Firefox being modern exceptions that none-the-less offer most contemporary web-features. As a consequence it is now increasingly…

  • DropzoneJS & React Dropzone

    DropzoneJS & React Dropzone

    Modern-Day Drag’n’Drop for the Web: DropzoneJS & React Dropzone. Enjoy.

  • Cypress


    Awesome new-era end-to-end testing.

  • Material UI – Material Design for React Applications

    Material UI – Material Design for React Applications

    Nice. Check it out: Material UI.

  • Browser für die Webentwicklung

    Browser für die Webentwicklung

    Für die Webentwicklung ergibt es oft Sinn, sich mehrere Browser zu installieren, um in getrennten Sessions und Nutzerkonten seine Webapplikationen zu testen. Hier eine Übersicht über verschiedene Browser, die sich weitgehend kollisionsfrei nebeneinander installieren lassen:

  • Svelte


    While true Web Components are on the rise and the Google Polymer Project has ended its lifecycle and web component efforts are now continued with the super-light lit library, classic VDOM and PWA toolkits are still in wide use. The big three – React, Angular and Vue – have contenders, some of which have gained…

  • Web UI Libraries

    Web UI Libraries

    Here are some classic Web UI Libraries for regular HTML/CSS/JS setups without fancy virtual DOM stuff attached. Enjoy! Bulma Materialize Foundation Skeleton PureCSS Groundwork Bootstrap

  • React UI Libraries

    React UI Libraries

    Here’s a comprehensive list of React UI Libraries for your next complex non-trivial ReactJS project: Grommet (GitHub) PrimeReact (GitHub) ReactSuite (GitHub) OnsenUI (GitHub) React Bootstrap (GitHub) Ant Design (GitHub) Material UI (GitHub) Blueprint JS (GitHub) Semantic UI for React (GitHub) Evergreen (GitHub) Chakra UI (GitHub) Rebass (GitHub)

  • Bootstrap is still going strong. And have you checked ReactStrap?

    Bootstrap is still going strong. And have you checked ReactStrap?

    The VDOM craze may have you think that Bootstrap is dead. It isn’t. It’s as powerful as ever that the first-class citizenship of Popper.js and an ever evolving jQuery still make it the grandmaster of go-to toolkits for getting good Web-UIs done quickly. It also works very neatly together with virtual DOM libraries such as…

  • Overview of jQuery Ajax Call Parameters

    Overview of jQuery Ajax Call Parameters

    It doesn’t always have to be ReactJS or virtual DOM. For most tasks and functions, jQuery still is perfectly fine, especially if it’s a current version of the 3.x branch and allready integrated and loaded into your environment. Here’s a cheat-sheet Overview of jQuery Ajax Call Parameters:

  • Elm


    Elm is one of the lesser know languages in the JavaScript ecosystem. Like others, it transpiles to JavaScript, but it has two prominent traits that emphasise what the language is meant for:

  • Gatsby & WordPress

    Gatsby & WordPress

    Gatsby WordPress Guide Gatsby WordPress Source Plugin Tutorial

  • Gatsby – ReactJS Static Site Generation

    Gatsby – ReactJS Static Site Generation

    Gatsby is a Static Site Generator built around ReactJS. Here are some links: Gatsby Moving to Gatsby Gatsby Starters What makes Gatbsy great

  • Flow


    Flow. Static typechecking for JavaScript. Very nice.

  • The Gulp API Documentation

    The Gulp API Documentation

    Very useful. Obviously.

  • React JS

    React JS

    Within the last decade React has become the de-facto standard technology for Web UIs, along with the concept of “Virtual DOM”. Now with the patents problem removed and React – just like jQuery – becoming a first-class citizen in WordPress with the release of WordPress 5.0 there is yet another solid reason to become familiar…

  • Practical npm commands

    Practical npm commands

    Update all global packages: npm update -g Show outdated packages: npm outdated -g –depth=0

  • D3JS, Three.js & animeJS

    D3JS, Three.js & animeJS

    3D JavaScript Toolkits worth looking at once again: d3js three.js … and something new in the mix, just as worthy of your attention: animeJS.

  • HyperHTML Talk

    HyperHTML Talk

    Yesterday I gave a short talk on HyperHTML at the Web Worker NRW Meetup, this time at sipgate. Nice talks, lot’s of nice people, had a great time. Here are the slides.