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  • Inkscape Apply Transform

    Inkscape Apply Transform

    If you need to install the “Apply Transform” Extension for Inkscape to easily … apply transforms (Duh.) on Linux you just need to execute this command and it will download the Inkscape extension scripts and deploy them straight to the global Inkscape extension directory:

  • Search & Replace with / Suchen & Ersetzen mit grep & sed

    Search & Replace with / Suchen & Ersetzen mit grep & sed

    grep -rl “[SUCHBEGRIFF]” | xargs sed -i ‘s,[SUCHBEGRIFF],[ERSATZ],g’

  • CLI Snippets / Kommandozeilen Schnipsel

    CLI Snippets / Kommandozeilen Schnipsel

    Phillip Richdales immensely practical collection of CLI snippets (and learn a little German along the way 😉 ) Phillip Richdales unglaublich praktische Sammlung an Kommandozeilenschnippseln Tar Gz a directory tar czf my-backup.tar.gz my-backup rsync ‘update’ operation (Quelle zu Ziel kopieren ohne zu überschreiben) /rsync ‘update’ operation (copy from source to target without overwriting files in…