• Neues zu Flutter & Dart

    Neues zu Flutter & Dart

    Flutter & Dart gelten unter Experten schon seit etwa 10 Jahren als der bisher beste aktuelle Kandidat um moderne fortschrittliche Rich-Clients zu bauen. Wer sich an die “gute alte Zeit” erinnert, kennt noch Flash & ActionScript, eine proprietäre Lösung, die sehr weit im Web verbreitet war und sehr mächtige Rich-Clients im Web ermöglichte. Seit dem…

  • Modernes CSS

    Modernes CSS

    Die CSS-Spezifikation hat schon immer viel versprochen. Leider waren zwei Jahrzehnte lang die Browser – also die Realität – im Webdesign nicht auf der Höhe. In den letzten 7 Jahren hat sich dies grundlegend geändert. Heute kann man mit reinem CSS nach Spezifikation davon ausgehen, dass alle modernen, zeitgenössischen Browser mit den zahlreichen Möglichkeiten von…

  • WordPress Kategorien, Schlagwörter und Taxonomien

    WordPress Kategorien, Schlagwörter und Taxonomien

    Das Schlagwort- und Taxonomiesystem in WordPress ist vielseitig einsetzbar. Mit ein paar Zeilen PHP-Code an den richtigen Stellen kann man problemlos für jeden Inhaltstyp beliebig Schlagwort-Taxonomien anlegen. Es gibt auch bereits “ab Werk” fertig eingerichtete Taxonomien. Hier eine kleine Erläuterung, was es damit in WordPress auf sich hat:

  • WordPress und seine Plugins

    WordPress und seine Plugins

    WordPress ist der Platzhirsch was Onlineredaktionssystem angeht. Und zwar durchaus zu recht. Es gibt von Experten viel Kritik an WordPress – wegen des Datenmodells und der laienhaften Integration der Datenbank als Innere Plattform, des wp_post Gottobjekts, hart verdrahteten URLs, der unzeitgemäßen rigiden Authentifizierung Marke Eigenbau, prozeduralen Programmierung und diversen anderen Eigenheiten. So fundiert diese Kritik…

  • The End of the Line

    The End of the Line

    This is it. It’s happening. I … we … knew this day would come, but I didn’t expect it just yet, perhaps in two or three years. We are a few years short of the Singularity – so at least says Ray Kurzweil and given his track record of predictions and cross-examining them with my…

  • E-Mail Newsletter Services

    E-Mail Newsletter Services

    A staple of online agency work is preparing and sending out E-Mail newsletters to the customer-base of your customers. It’s by and large a bad idea to do that using regular services or a self-maintained mailserver. It might make sense in private or semi-private one-shot contexts with an overseeable reciepient-base of a few hundred, but…

  • aimeos – Large scale open source E-Commerce

    aimeos – Large scale open source E-Commerce

    When it comes to enterprise-ready server-side web development toolkits, Laravel is one of the big players and delivers an impressive plethora of components and methods to build large-scale non-trivial web applications. There are a few e-commerce components that build on Laravel as a foundation or present themselves as an extension for Laravel, but among those…

  • SEO 2024

    SEO 2024

    A few years back I wrote German piece on SEO, the somewhat obnoxious misuse the term gets from the broader masses and explained what the term “SEO” actually means and how it relates to the shady claims of magic tricks to boost Google placement and search term domination. Having that issue covered it makes sense…

  • An all new Angular

    An all new Angular

    Just this morning I had a very thorough and pleasant interview with a team that has its mission-critical stuff done with Angular. For me a good reason to check back with the Angular crew, also because they also were the pioneers of a PL that I’ve come to like and use in the mean time:…

  • State of the Word 2023

    State of the Word 2023

    Matt and his crew together with the Spanish WordPress community just held the annual State of the Word keynote in Madrid. Interesting stuff, including a Gutenberg editor that’s growing more and more powerful.

  • The WordPress 2024 Theme

    The WordPress 2024 Theme

    The brand new WordPress 2024 Theme is out and ready for use. This shows off the newest features of the Gutenberg Editor and its ever increasingly powerful pagebuilding features, that as of WordPress 6.4 now feature complete full page editing within the built-in Gutenberg pagebuilder and a bunch of updates and new default core WordPress…

  • Penpot


    Looking for a professional free open source Screendesign tool that doesn’t lock you into subscriptions or fees but offers the full range of features? Penpot has you covered. I ran into this a few years ago but finally had the change to play around with it. And I’m impressed.

  • The Vue Ecosystem

    The Vue Ecosystem

    For larger modern and VDOM-related frontend work the contemporary Vue ecosystem is a good choice and lets you move fast and deliver tried and tested results. Here’s a list of the broader technologies that yours truely recommends for non-trivial web projects using Vue as a foundation for your SPAs.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Infrastructure as Code

    Container-virtualisation and cloud infrastructure have become commonplace and the go-to default method of building and deploying applications and IT beyond trivial setups. This in turn has led to the industrialisation of virtual infrastructure and technologies that help construct and manage such virtual infrastructure.

  • krakenD API Gateway

    krakenD API Gateway

    For SOA in web development at some point you’ll need an API gateway. krakenD delivers with a web/https centric approach that is easy to scale and built with the Go programming language.

  • Hipster Compliant VDOM

    Hipster Compliant VDOM

    VueJS is the third of The Big Three™ SPA/VDOM Toolkits and it enjoys an ever growing following. Sort of a mix of the best of React and Angular, it has a distinct “ISO-certified hipster compliant” vibe about it and doesn’t fail to deliver on its “View!” promise.

  • Lit & Kor

    Lit & Kor

    As an application platform the modern Browser is finally becoming more managable. MS IE and even the new one, MS Edge, are history, most Browsers are now based off the Blink Rendering Engine, meaning Chrome, with Safari and Firefox being modern exceptions that none-the-less offer most contemporary web-features. As a consequence it is now increasingly…

  • Next up: Low Power Computing

    Next up: Low Power Computing

    Obviously. We knew this would be coming. Isn’t there any seasoned developer like me who doesn’t think that in the last two decades things have gotten out of hand? Most of the Web is dynamic for no good reason and recent tech-fads such as NodeJS or the Container/Docker Craze with its convoluted and bloated build,…

  • DropzoneJS & React Dropzone

    DropzoneJS & React Dropzone

    Modern-Day Drag’n’Drop for the Web: DropzoneJS & React Dropzone. Enjoy.

  • Alle Docker Container stoppen

    Alle Docker Container stoppen

    Um alle Docker Container zu stoppen, einfach diesen Befehl ausführen: Wie funktioniert das?Der ‘docker ps’ Befehl listet alle laufenden Container. Die Option ‘-q’ listet nur die IDs. Diese liste übergeben wir dem ‘docker kill’ Befehl. Fertig. Alle Docker Container entfernen Wenn man die Container nicht nur stoppen, sondern auch entfernen will, einfach diesen Befehl ausführen:…