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  • State of the Word 2023

    State of the Word 2023

    Matt and his crew together with the Spanish WordPress community just held the annual State of the Word keynote in Madrid. Interesting stuff, including a Gutenberg editor that’s growing more and more powerful.

  • The WordPress 2024 Theme

    The WordPress 2024 Theme

    The brand new WordPress 2024 Theme is out and ready for use. This shows off the newest features of the Gutenberg Editor and its ever increasingly powerful pagebuilding features, that as of WordPress 6.4 now feature complete full page editing within the built-in Gutenberg pagebuilder and a bunch of updates and new default core WordPress…

  • State of the Word 2021

    State of the Word 2021

    Matt Mullenweg, CEO von Automattic (WordPress.com, etc.), hat dieses Jahr wieder live die State of the Word Ansprache gehalten, wenn auch im kleinen Kreis. Viel interessantes ist dabei, unter anderem eine solide Übersicht über die aktuellen Features. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpiH_P9aGhQ

  • WordPress 2021

    WordPress 2021

    WordPress hat gewonnen – so viel ist klar. 39,5% der obersten 10 Millionen Websites im Internet werden jetzt von WordPress bereitgestellt. Das ist ein 4% Zuwachs in nur einem Jahr – der größte Zuwachs seit Begin des Projekts. Einen nicht geringen Anteil daran hatte auch das in der Pandemie gewachsene Interesse von einzelnen, auch eine…

  • Tailwind CSS

    Tailwind CSS

    When it comes to CSS Frameworks, Tailwind has been the hottest thing since sliced bread lately. When it comes to speedhacking designs, their approach is pretty good and the hype around Tailwind CSS is somewhat justified. For me it definitely looks worth a try.

  • WordPress 5.5

    WordPress 5.5

    WordPress 5.5 ist erschienen und wird gerade weltweit ausgeliefert. In diesem Release sind viele Features integriert, die sonst nur durch externe Module und Erweiterungen möglich waren. Hier eine detailierte Übersicht:

  • WordPress REST API

    WordPress REST API

    A key component for professional non-trivial enterprise web-application development with WordPress is the WordPress REST API. A solid application interface for decoupled frontends and adjacent services in a non-monolithic and/or headless environment with WordPress as the key component at the center.

  • PHP The Right Way

    PHP The Right Way

    Eine Website die ganz der systematischen Erlernung von PHP gewidmet ist / A website wholefully dedicated to systematically learn PHP: PhpTheRightWay.com

  • Enterprise WordPress Development

    Enterprise WordPress Development

    Non-trivial development in WordPress requires a measure of internal knowlege about how WordPress works and how one can best work arounds it shortfalls in a professional large-scale and mission-critical/enterprise setting. Contrary to some rumours this isn’t more difficult than with other systems.

  • Gutenberg & WordPress Block Extensions & Resources

    Gutenberg & WordPress Block Extensions & Resources

    Here’s yet another list of extensions and resources to current WordPress and Gutenberg Versions: EditorsKit Stackable Ultimate Blocks Gutenberg Fibel Yoast SEO

  • Impressions from WordCamp Düsseldorf 2019

    Impressions from WordCamp Düsseldorf 2019

    It was a very nice and educative meeting. Learned a lot, met many amazing people, made some good contacts. WordPress Community at its best. Some impressions below, see a larger gallery here.

  • WordPress Generators & Tools

    WordPress Generators & Tools

    Here’s a list of WordPress Boilerplate Code Generation Tools and other useful tools for WordPress that available on the web:

  • Custom Plugin Tables in WordPress

    Custom Plugin Tables in WordPress

    Here’s how to do them by the book.

  • Gatsby & WordPress

    Gatsby & WordPress

    Gatsby WordPress Guide Gatsby WordPress Source Plugin Tutorial

  • WordPress Gutenberg & Blocks – Links, Tools & Information

    WordPress Gutenberg & Blocks – Links, Tools & Information

    Learning Gutenberg (css-tricks.com) Lazy Blocks WordPress Plugin Block Lab Tool Guten Block Toolkit Gutenberg Cloud Block Library Editor Blocks Collection

  • Matt Mullenweg – State of the Word Speech 2018

    Matt Mullenweg – State of the Word Speech 2018


  • The WordPress Gutenberg Editor

    The WordPress Gutenberg Editor

    The new Gutenberg Editor, due for the WordPress release 5.0, will hugely up the game for content editing and control over content layout, visuals and constrolled visual design options. Look forward to it. Here are some links: WPBlocks – A Blog on the Gutenberg Editor (Yepp, there is such a thing.) The official Gutenberg Documentation…

  • WordPress Gear

    WordPress Gear

    WordPress Gear

  • WordPress + Laravel

    WordPress + Laravel

    WordPress & Laravel Laravel WP Backend Corcel

  • Into the Abyss

    Into the Abyss

    The mess that is WordPress and how to make the best of it (Presentation Slides) We had a neat Web Engineering Group Düsseldorf Meetup at the old Trivago location (they’re currently moving). Once again an awesome event with a very nice lineup of speakers. Enjoyed it a lot.

  • Remote WordPress File Dump with wget & ftp (excluding uploads dir)

    Put this in a bash script and execute it: #!/bin/bash wget -X /PATH/TO/WP_ROOT/wp-content/uploads -r -nH -nc ftp://FTP_USER:FT_PPW@FTP_HOST//WP_ROOT