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  • WordPress Kategorien, Schlagwörter und Taxonomien

    WordPress Kategorien, Schlagwörter und Taxonomien

    Das Schlagwort- und Taxonomiesystem in WordPress ist vielseitig einsetzbar. Mit ein paar Zeilen PHP-Code an den richtigen Stellen kann man problemlos für jeden Inhaltstyp beliebig Schlagwort-Taxonomien anlegen. Es gibt auch bereits “ab Werk” fertig eingerichtete Taxonomien. Hier eine kleine Erläuterung, was es damit in WordPress auf sich hat:

  • State of the Word 2023

    State of the Word 2023

    Matt and his crew together with the Spanish WordPress community just held the annual State of the Word keynote in Madrid. Interesting stuff, including a Gutenberg editor that’s growing more and more powerful.

  • PHP 8

    PHP 8

    PHP 8 has been released. It’s really good. And ready for production. See an overview of the new features here.

  • Laravel


    Laravel has, in my opinion, by now established itself as the go-to framework for just about all things PHP when the development of larger, more complex applications calls for a framework or foundation library.

  • Bootstrap is still going strong. And have you checked ReactStrap?

    Bootstrap is still going strong. And have you checked ReactStrap?

    The VDOM craze may have you think that Bootstrap is dead. It isn’t. It’s as powerful as ever that the first-class citizenship of Popper.js and an ever evolving jQuery still make it the grandmaster of go-to toolkits for getting good Web-UIs done quickly. It also works very neatly together with virtual DOM libraries such as…

  • WordPress REST API

    WordPress REST API

    A key component for professional non-trivial enterprise web-application development with WordPress is the WordPress REST API. A solid application interface for decoupled frontends and adjacent services in a non-monolithic and/or headless environment with WordPress as the key component at the center.

  • PHP The Right Way

    PHP The Right Way

    Eine Website die ganz der systematischen Erlernung von PHP gewidmet ist / A website wholefully dedicated to systematically learn PHP: PhpTheRightWay.com

  • Custom Plugin Tables in WordPress

    Custom Plugin Tables in WordPress

    Here’s how to do them by the book.

  • 25 Years of PHP

    25 Years of PHP

    A very enlightening talk on PHP and its history. Rasmus Lerdorf thouroughly explains apparent inconsistencies and also explains why they make perfect sense. Get to know the in and outs of PHP and why it’s brilliant in its own way and why it’s so successful to this very day. This is a must-watch for every…

  • Symfony


    Symfony is one of the most mature PHP Frameworks and many large Webapplications are built on it. Many newer Frameworks utilise and integrate Symfony components. A solid foundation and widespread industry adoption often make it the go-to toolkit for non-trivial projects. Symfony ist eines der ausgereiftesten PHP Frameworks und wird bei in vielen großen Webapplikationen…

  • Apache Reverse Proxy Configuration

    Apache Reverse Proxy Configuration

    Despite rumors to the contrary, configuring Apache as a reverse proxy isn’t all that hard. Here’s an example:   

  • prooph – PHP CQRS & Event Sourcing

    prooph – PHP CQRS & Event Sourcing

    PHP remains awesome and gets more awesome every day. Here’s a very neat CQRS & Eventsourcing Lib in PHP.

  • Directus & Cockpit

    Directus & Cockpit

    Two headless SSG & Cloud CMS built with PHP. These look promising. Directus Cockpit

  • Lumen


    Lumen, a PHP Microservices Framework.

  • PHP Static Analysis Tools

    PHP Static Analysis Tools

    https://github.com/exakat/php-static-analysis-tools Seperate mention: Exakat

  • PHP Snippet: Slugify a string

    PHP Snippet: Slugify a string

    This one has some extra stuff for German characters in it. Probably not needed because it’s covered by iconv, but whatever: function slugify($str) { $returnMe = strtotime(trim(@iconv(‘UTF-8’, ‘ASCII//TRANSLIT’, $str))); foreach ([ ” ” => “_”, “/” => “-“, “” => “”, “.” => “-“, “ü” => “ue”, “ö” => “oe”, “ä” => “ae”, “ß” =>…

  • PHP Snippet: Check if code is running on a production environment

    PHP Snippet: Check if code is running on a production environment

    function isLive($liveTld = “.de”) { $homeUrl = (isset($_SERVER[‘HTTPS’]) && $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’] === ‘on’ ? “https” : “http”).”://$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]”; $returnMe = false; if ( (!(strpos($homeUrl, “.local”) !== false)) && (!(strpos($homeUrl, “.intra”) !== false)) && (!(strpos($homeUrl, “stage”) !== false)) && (!(strpos($homeUrl, “staging”) !== false)) && (strpos($homeUrl, $liveTld) !== false) ) { $returnMe = true; } return $returnMe; }

  • WordPress Gear

    WordPress Gear

    WordPress Gear

  • PHP Snippet: isValidEmail­Address($email)

    PHP Snippet: isValidEmail­Address($email)

  • Yii Framework

    Yii Framework

    Yii is one of the lesser known PHP Frameworks, but it has been around for quite some time and is notably popular with professional developers who hate faffing about when building web applications. It’s a sort-of secret tip and go-to toolkit for those who hate the shoddy and sub-par data- and application models of WordPress,…

  • Laravel Content Management Systems

    Laravel Content Management Systems

    October, Asgard, Lavalite, Coaster, Photon, Pyro