• Modern Web Security

    Modern Web Security

    Modern Web Security is enabled and handled with up-to-date industry standards and solid service-oriented solutions for Identification, Authentication, Authorization, Access Control and Access Delegation, Encryption and Data Security. Here’s an overview of contemporary industry standards for all that:

  • Probleme in Software­projekten

    Probleme in Software­projekten

    Hier sind ein paar Schlüsselindikatoren, die nach meiner Erfahrung zur Problemen in Softwareprojekten führen. Die meisten davon haben nichts mit dem technischen Entwicklungsprozess zu tun.

  • Cypress


    Awesome new-era end-to-end testing.

  • Material UI – Material Design for React Applications

    Material UI – Material Design for React Applications

    Nice. Check it out: Material UI.

  • Browser für die Webentwicklung

    Browser für die Webentwicklung

    Für die Webentwicklung ergibt es oft Sinn, sich mehrere Browser zu installieren, um in getrennten Sessions und Nutzerkonten seine Webapplikationen zu testen. Hier eine Übersicht über verschiedene Browser, die sich weitgehend kollisionsfrei nebeneinander installieren lassen:

  • Svelte


    While true Web Components are on the rise and the Google Polymer Project has ended its lifecycle and web component efforts are now continued with the super-light lit library, classic VDOM and PWA toolkits are still in wide use. The big three – React, Angular and Vue – have contenders, some of which have gained…

  • State of the Word 2021

    State of the Word 2021

    Matt Mullenweg, CEO von Automattic (WordPress.com, etc.), hat dieses Jahr wieder live die State of the Word Ansprache gehalten, wenn auch im kleinen Kreis. Viel interessantes ist dabei, unter anderem eine solide Übersicht über die aktuellen Features. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpiH_P9aGhQ

  • WordPress 2021

    WordPress 2021

    WordPress hat gewonnen – so viel ist klar. 39,5% der obersten 10 Millionen Websites im Internet werden jetzt von WordPress bereitgestellt. Das ist ein 4% Zuwachs in nur einem Jahr – der größte Zuwachs seit Begin des Projekts. Einen nicht geringen Anteil daran hatte auch das in der Pandemie gewachsene Interesse von einzelnen, auch eine…

  • PHP 8

    PHP 8

    PHP 8 has been released. It’s really good. And ready for production. See an overview of the new features here.

  • Laravel


    Laravel has, in my opinion, by now established itself as the go-to framework for just about all things PHP when the development of larger, more complex applications calls for a framework or foundation library.

  • Inkscape


    For more than a decade now my Vector Graphics Tool of choise as been the Free Open Source Software Tool Inkscape. And for good reasons too. Premium grade SVG editing features, zero-fuss cross-platform functionality and tools and extensions in abundance offer anything you’d want for professional vector-graphics work without strange subscriptions or bloated slow GUIs.…

  • Tailwind CSS

    Tailwind CSS

    When it comes to CSS Frameworks, Tailwind has been the hottest thing since sliced bread lately. When it comes to speedhacking designs, their approach is pretty good and the hype around Tailwind CSS is somewhat justified. For me it definitely looks worth a try.

  • Professional Web Analytics

    Professional Web Analytics

    One does not have to suck up to Google & Co. or try to apply some magic SEO-Snakeoil in order to be diligent about professional web performance and search-engine friendlyness. Google doesn’t like people trying to trick them into higher pageranking and they are fast at retaliation and downmodding ranks a few thousand points when…

  • Kdenlive


    It’s been a very long time since I’ve last thoroughly looked into the state of open source video editing software. And I have good news: FOSS video editing has matured at a professional level. Recently I’ve started a video project once again – the last one was 16 years ago or so. I started with…

  • The Vala Programming Language

    The Vala Programming Language

    There’s no lack of programming languages, that’s for sure. The last two decades have seen a surge of sophisticated new-generation PLs that have rocked quite a few boats and have set the tone for an update of 90ies microcomputer programming. Purely functional programming has moved out of the niche and the academic world and become…

  • WordPress 5.5

    WordPress 5.5

    WordPress 5.5 ist erschienen und wird gerade weltweit ausgeliefert. In diesem Release sind viele Features integriert, die sonst nur durch externe Module und Erweiterungen möglich waren. Hier eine detailierte Übersicht:

  • Stop using Java for Java development. Switch to Kotlin.

    Stop using Java for Java development. Switch to Kotlin.

    Are you doing enterprise development in Java? Then stop. Don’t get me wrong, Java is neat, Java blazed the way for non-trivial cross-platform bytecode-based software development. Many systems that are not specifically web-centric continue to rely on Java these days and it’s been way more than a decade that countless programming languages have come to…

  • Gitea – A very good Web Git GUI

    Gitea – A very good Web Git GUI

  • Web UI Libraries

    Web UI Libraries

    Here are some classic Web UI Libraries for regular HTML/CSS/JS setups without fancy virtual DOM stuff attached. Enjoy! Bulma Materialize Foundation Skeleton PureCSS Groundwork Bootstrap

  • React UI Libraries

    React UI Libraries

    Here’s a comprehensive list of React UI Libraries for your next complex non-trivial ReactJS project: Grommet (GitHub) PrimeReact (GitHub) ReactSuite (GitHub) OnsenUI (GitHub) React Bootstrap (GitHub) Ant Design (GitHub) Material UI (GitHub) Blueprint JS (GitHub) Semantic UI for React (GitHub) Evergreen (GitHub) Chakra UI (GitHub) Rebass (GitHub)