SEO 2024

A few years back I wrote German piece on SEO, the somewhat obnoxious misuse the term gets from the broader masses and explained what the term “SEO” actually means and how it relates to the shady claims of magic tricks to boost Google placement and search term domination.

Having that issue covered it makes sense to talk about the actual SEO and what tools, standards and techniques could make sense for a feasible SEO in 2024 and the future.

While simply aiming to trick Google into ranking a site is by and large a really dumb idea – I explain why in detail in the German article mentioned above – it does make sense to listen to the 400-pound gorilla of search engines when it come to optimizing content and a web presence for search and findability. Googles Search Console is an excellent starting point for this and not the only thing Google for optimizing for search.

But before that it does make sense to check if you have the basics covered:

  • Is HTTPS the default protocol for your website, as it should be?
  • Do you have the First Input Delay under control?
  • Do you have your Cuminative Layout Shift under control or perhaps none at all?
  • Is your Page Speed in the green?
  • Is your webserver and the content it serves cached or does it deliver pure static content?
  • Do you do 103 early hints? … Those are the quasi replacement for HTTP2 Push btw. …
  • Do you adhere to the Open Graph protocol? This is particularly interesting if you want Facebook to treat your content nicely.

Despite lots of talk about SEO being snake-oil non-sense spread by the ignorant or mischievous, SEO actually is a real thing even if not the thing many call “SEO”. In that regard it does make sense to optimize your content for search engines. Given that modern search engines such as Google also correlate feasibility of content with the quality with which it is delivered this is also a good way to improve the quality of your web-work. Which brings us back to my fundamental premise on SEO: By and large there is no such thing as SEO on its own. By and large SEO just means: Professional Web Development.

Have a profitable 2024 and may the update of your SEO skills go smoothly. I hope I could help a little.

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