An all new Angular

Just this morning I had a very thorough and pleasant interview with a team that has its mission-critical stuff done with Angular. For me a good reason to check back with the Angular crew, also because they also were the pioneers of a PL that I’ve come to like and use in the mean time: TypeScript. And a revisit of Angular doesn’t disappoint.

As one of the Big Three™ Toolkits, Angular is more or less an industry standard, but I haven’t looked into it recently as I was occupied with the new and shiny Vue 3 and all that comes with that. The Angular crew however hasn’t been resting on its laurels either and they’ve recently done a complete redo of their stack, with Vite as a new first-class citizen of the dev & build tools, improvements to SSR & SSG, a new branding and an all-new website with fresh tutorials and other fancy stuff. All under a new version number too: Angular 17. Find all that here. Old site for reference here. Enjoy!

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