The Essence of Agility

Agile, Agile, Certified Scrum, … BULLSHIT!” – that was the initial title of this post. Good for a splash and effect, but a tad negative, I admit. 😏  So I’ve taken the liberty to update the title to a more positive and meaningful one. Same with the permalink. The rest remains the same. – PR, 2.6.2019

The Agile and Scrum Craze has gotten out of hand. Buzzword driven project managment, bad project/method fits and a few other things are taxing my and many other peoples nerves when we bump into someone looking for a “Certified Scrum Master” or tell us that their 8000 employee corporation is now migrating to “Agile” and “Scrum”. Or when some webshop thinks “Agile” is some nown, and a nown that’s nothing other for a fancy words disguising total chaos and labeling it planned.

For anyone tempted to join this craze or already deep in it, I strongly recommend they watch these two videos by two of the veterans of the concept of agile software development and initial signers of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

Watch these. … And enjoy. … Oh, and after that, my Scrum talk might provide some insightst too. *shameless plug* 😎

Dave Thomas – “Agile” is Dead

Allan Holub – The death of “Agile”

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