The Vala Programming Language

There’s no lack of programming languages, that’s for sure. The last two decades have seen a surge of sophisticated new-generation PLs that have rocked quite a few boats and have set the tone for an update of 90ies microcomputer programming. Purely functional programming has moved out of the niche and the academic world and become mainstream and joined declarative and OOP methods to open up a wider brave new world of software development. Vala is one of the lesser know languages, but it is none-the-less mature in the niche that it serves very well. So well, that I think you should look into it and want to tell you about it.

Vala is a programming language built by the team behind the Gnome Desktop Environment specifically for the purpose of easily building modern complex desktop applications native to the Gnome toolkit. It resembles a modern OOP-centric PL similar to C#, but it transpiles to C which in turn is then compiled to binary code, making it a good choice for fast and maintainable applications. Vala is easy to learn and building said Gnome environment applications with it is a breeze.

Given how unreliable and lock-in contemporary platforms have become, if you are considering leaving the cross-platform constraints and going full-native without breaking your neck on low-level old-school programming languages, Vala and the Gnome toolkit are an excellent choice and combination. Combine it with other Gnome tools such as the Gnome Builder and Glade to build professional applications fast.

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