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  • The End of the Line

    The End of the Line

    This is it. It’s happening. I … we … knew this day would come, but I didn’t expect it just yet, perhaps in two or three years. We are a few years short of the Singularity – so at least says Ray Kurzweil and given his track record of predictions and cross-examining them with my…

  • An all new Angular

    An all new Angular

    Just this morning I had a very thorough and pleasant interview with a team that has its mission-critical stuff done with Angular. For me a good reason to check back with the Angular crew, also because they also were the pioneers of a PL that I’ve come to like and use in the mean time:…

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Infrastructure as Code

    Container-virtualisation and cloud infrastructure have become commonplace and the go-to default method of building and deploying applications and IT beyond trivial setups. This in turn has led to the industrialisation of virtual infrastructure and technologies that help construct and manage such virtual infrastructure.

  • krakenD API Gateway

    krakenD API Gateway

    For SOA in web development at some point you’ll need an API gateway. krakenD delivers with a web/https centric approach that is easy to scale and built with the Go programming language.

  • Next up: Low Power Computing

    Next up: Low Power Computing

    Obviously. We knew this would be coming. Isn’t there any seasoned developer like me who doesn’t think that in the last two decades things have gotten out of hand? Most of the Web is dynamic for no good reason and recent tech-fads such as NodeJS or the Container/Docker Craze with its convoluted and bloated build,…

  • Alle Docker Container stoppen

    Alle Docker Container stoppen

    Um alle Docker Container zu stoppen, einfach diesen Befehl ausführen: Wie funktioniert das?Der ‘docker ps’ Befehl listet alle laufenden Container. Die Option ‘-q’ listet nur die IDs. Diese liste übergeben wir dem ‘docker kill’ Befehl. Fertig. Alle Docker Container entfernen Wenn man die Container nicht nur stoppen, sondern auch entfernen will, einfach diesen Befehl ausführen:…

  • Meet Deno, the new Node

    Meet Deno, the new Node

    Deno is a new implementation of a runtime environment by the original creator of Node. v1 came about roughly a year ago and it’s basically a redo of Node with all the insights gained and the newest proven technologies at its core. Deno is implemented in Rust and sports TypeScript as a native and first…

  • Modern Web Security

    Modern Web Security

    Modern Web Security is enabled and handled with up-to-date industry standards and solid service-oriented solutions for Identification, Authentication, Authorization, Access Control and Access Delegation, Encryption and Data Security. Here’s an overview of contemporary industry standards for all that:

  • Professional Web Analytics

    Professional Web Analytics

    One does not have to suck up to Google & Co. or try to apply some magic SEO-Snakeoil in order to be diligent about professional web performance and search-engine friendlyness. Google doesn’t like people trying to trick them into higher pageranking and they are fast at retaliation and downmodding ranks a few thousand points when…

  • Gitea – A very good Web Git GUI

    Gitea – A very good Web Git GUI

  • 36C3 – Das nützlich-unbedenklich Spektrum

    36C3 – Das nützlich-unbedenklich Spektrum

    Ein guter Vortrag zum Thema “saubere Softwareentwicklung”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31xA9p3pYE4

  • SEO – Eine Begriffsklärung

    SEO – Eine Begriffsklärung

    Seit etwa zwei Jahrzehnten macht ein seltsamer Begriff im Dunstkreis des Themas Web­entwicklung die Runde. Ein Begriff der bei professionellen Webentwicklern mitunter einen schalen Nachgeschmack und das Gefühl von schmierigen Gebraucht­wagen­händlern und Graumarkt Deals mit gefälschten Modelabels und Parfüm­marken hinterlässt.  

  • 25 Years of PHP

    25 Years of PHP

    A very enlightening talk on PHP and its history. Rasmus Lerdorf thouroughly explains apparent inconsistencies and also explains why they make perfect sense. Get to know the in and outs of PHP and why it’s brilliant in its own way and why it’s so successful to this very day. This is a must-watch for every…

  • Apache Reverse Proxy Configuration

    Apache Reverse Proxy Configuration

    Despite rumors to the contrary, configuring Apache as a reverse proxy isn’t all that hard. Here’s an example:   

  • New EU Regulations in 2019: PSD2 SCA & 3D Secure 2

    New EU Regulations in 2019: PSD2 SCA & 3D Secure 2

    PSD SCA 3D Secure 2.0

  • Directus & Cockpit

    Directus & Cockpit

    Two headless SSG & Cloud CMS built with PHP. These look promising. Directus Cockpit

  • The JAMStack Approach

    The JAMStack Approach

    Tearing ties between frontend and backend apart, going headless or at least ‘headlose’, brazenly moving dynamic logic to the client and decoupling as much as possible into disparate microservices. This probably is the way to go forward in the 2020ies for web content. One degraded WordPress project to many has me seriously looking into this…

  • Lumen


    Lumen, a PHP Microservices Framework.

  • Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP on PHP in 2018

    Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP on PHP in 2018

    “PHP runs crappy code really, really well.” – Rasmus Lerdorf Rasmus Lerdof PHP Talk on PHP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKXFgWP-2xQ

  • Soll ich dieser Wolke trauen?

    Soll ich dieser Wolke trauen?

    Die Wolke kommt. Das steht so gut wie fest. Die Frage ist nur, wie man damit umgehen soll? Soll man dieser Wolke blind vertrauen? Die klare Antwort lautet schlicht und ergreifend:

  • Aktuelle Heiseshow zum Thema DSGVO

    Aktuelle Heiseshow zum Thema DSGVO