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  • WordPress 2021

    WordPress 2021

    WordPress hat gewonnen – so viel ist klar. 39,5% der obersten 10 Millionen Websites im Internet werden jetzt von WordPress bereitgestellt. Das ist ein 4% Zuwachs in nur einem Jahr – der größte Zuwachs seit Begin des Projekts. Einen nicht geringen Anteil daran hatte auch das in der Pandemie gewachsene Interesse von einzelnen, auch eine…

  • PHP 8

    PHP 8

    PHP 8 has been released. It’s really good. And ready for production. See an overview of the new features here.

  • Laravel


    Laravel has, in my opinion, by now established itself as the go-to framework for just about all things PHP when the development of larger, more complex applications calls for a framework or foundation library.

  • Inkscape


    For more than a decade now my Vector Graphics Tool of choise as been the Free Open Source Software Tool Inkscape. And for good reasons too. Premium grade SVG editing features, zero-fuss cross-platform functionality and tools and extensions in abundance offer anything you’d want for professional vector-graphics work without strange subscriptions or bloated slow GUIs.…

  • Tailwind CSS

    Tailwind CSS

    When it comes to CSS Frameworks, Tailwind has been the hottest thing since sliced bread lately. When it comes to speedhacking designs, their approach is pretty good and the hype around Tailwind CSS is somewhat justified. For me it definitely looks worth a try.

  • Professional Web Analytics

    Professional Web Analytics

    One does not have to suck up to Google & Co. or try to apply some magic SEO-Snakeoil in order to be diligent about professional web performance and search-engine friendlyness. Google doesn’t like people trying to trick them into higher pageranking and they are fast at retaliation and downmodding ranks a few thousand points when…

  • WordPress 5.5

    WordPress 5.5

    WordPress 5.5 ist erschienen und wird gerade weltweit ausgeliefert. In diesem Release sind viele Features integriert, die sonst nur durch externe Module und Erweiterungen möglich waren. Hier eine detailierte Übersicht:

  • Gitea – A very good Web Git GUI

    Gitea – A very good Web Git GUI

  • Web UI Libraries

    Web UI Libraries

    Here are some classic Web UI Libraries for regular HTML/CSS/JS setups without fancy virtual DOM stuff attached. Enjoy! Bulma Materialize Foundation Skeleton PureCSS Groundwork Bootstrap

  • React UI Libraries

    React UI Libraries

    Here’s a comprehensive list of React UI Libraries for your next complex non-trivial ReactJS project: Grommet (GitHub) PrimeReact (GitHub) ReactSuite (GitHub) OnsenUI (GitHub) React Bootstrap (GitHub) Ant Design (GitHub) Material UI (GitHub) Blueprint JS (GitHub) Semantic UI for React (GitHub) Evergreen (GitHub) Chakra UI (GitHub) Rebass (GitHub)

  • Interesting Reads

    Interesting Reads

    Here is a selection of blogs and magazines on the web, IT and digital media industry in general. Some are not directly tech related but are very educational and enjoyable none-the-less. This is my personal selection that I consider worthwhile reading. Enjoy! … Disclaimer: May be filled up with things I forgot further down the…

  • A List of Free Open Source web-based Scrum & Kanban Boards

    A List of Free Open Source web-based Scrum & Kanban Boards

    Don’t want to pay for your collaboration and project management? Want to have controll over your tooling and processes? Once again, quality open source tools come to the rescue.

  • Bootstrap is still going strong. And have you checked ReactStrap?

    Bootstrap is still going strong. And have you checked ReactStrap?

    The VDOM craze may have you think that Bootstrap is dead. It isn’t. It’s as powerful as ever that the first-class citizenship of Popper.js and an ever evolving jQuery still make it the grandmaster of go-to toolkits for getting good Web-UIs done quickly. It also works very neatly together with virtual DOM libraries such as…

  • Overview of jQuery Ajax Call Parameters

    Overview of jQuery Ajax Call Parameters

    It doesn’t always have to be ReactJS or virtual DOM. For most tasks and functions, jQuery still is perfectly fine, especially if it’s a current version of the 3.x branch and allready integrated and loaded into your environment. Here’s a cheat-sheet Overview of jQuery Ajax Call Parameters:

  • WordPress REST API

    WordPress REST API

    A key component for professional non-trivial enterprise web-application development with WordPress is the WordPress REST API. A solid application interface for decoupled frontends and adjacent services in a non-monolithic and/or headless environment with WordPress as the key component at the center.

  • PHP The Right Way

    PHP The Right Way

    Eine Website die ganz der systematischen Erlernung von PHP gewidmet ist / A website wholefully dedicated to systematically learn PHP: PhpTheRightWay.com

  • Anti­patterns und Miss­verständnisse in der Software­entwicklung

    Anti­patterns und Miss­verständnisse in der Software­entwicklung

    Ein sehr guter Vortrag in dem Felix von Leitner – besser bekannt als “Fefe” – einen guten Überblick über klassische Anitpatterns in und um Softwareentwicklung erläutert. Sehr zu empfehlen.

  • HTML Farben/Colors – HTML Color Name & Code Table

    HTML Farben/Colors – HTML Color Name & Code Table

    The complete Table of named HTML & CSS Colors. Always useful.

  • Enterprise WordPress Development

    Enterprise WordPress Development

    Non-trivial development in WordPress requires a measure of internal knowlege about how WordPress works and how one can best work arounds it shortfalls in a professional large-scale and mission-critical/enterprise setting. Contrary to some rumours this isn’t more difficult than with other systems.

  • Min-maxing Software Costs

    Min-maxing Software Costs

    This talk is a good one and the points made are universal. Highly recommended! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQUxJObxTUs

  • Gutenberg & WordPress Block Extensions & Resources

    Gutenberg & WordPress Block Extensions & Resources

    Here’s yet another list of extensions and resources to current WordPress and Gutenberg Versions: EditorsKit Stackable Ultimate Blocks Gutenberg Fibel Yoast SEO